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Staff Application Guidelines
Started by DerVillion



06 Feb 2022
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11 Jul 2022


- You are only allowed 1 application per application period.
   - You can not delete and post a new application.
   - If you do post another application all your applications will be considered invalid.
- All questions must be answered truthfully and completely.
- Must be able to speak fluent English.
- You must be at least the age of 13 to apply.
- You must be able to record up to the hacker report standards.
- You must have a microphone for voice communication.
- Must play on the server for a minimal of 1 month.
    (if you came back after not playing for a while you'll need to play for a minimal of 2 weeks before applying again)
- Must be a forum member for a minimal of a month.
- Must be able to contribute at least 2 hours a day or 14 hours a week.
- Do not talk to any staff member about your application or it will be denied.
- You may not SPAM advertise your application publicly by any means.
   - You may not ask people to comment on your application.
   - You may not ask people to to +1 your application.
- Plagiarism and lying is not tolerated by any means. Your application will be denied as well as never being allowed to apply for staff again.

Submit Your Application
To apply for our staff team you must submit your application using this link here.

The Application Process

Written Application
The application process starts off with the initial written application. Keep in mind that the application is the staff’s first impression of you, if your application is sloppy at first glance your application may even be denied without being read. This is your chance to show off your professionalism and knowledge as you ultimately have 2 whole weeks to make the application and make adjustments to it.

Debating Period
Once the application period ends, the Staff and myself will go through all the applications and deny all the applications we feel are subpar or broke application requirements. After the first initial debating period, we go into a denial phase in which we look into the player’s information in-game which include punishment history, relation with community, possibility of plagiarism, etc. All of which will be discussed between the Staff and myself.
Your actions in-game greatly affect your chances at becoming staff.

Lastly, all remaining applicants will go through a voice interview with myself. You will receive a message from me notifying you that you have entered the interview stage and we will schedule the time and date of the interview in DM’s. You will be asked a decent amount of questions during the interview so be prepared, these questions will be very similar to the ones in the Written Application, but will be more in-depth.
Once the interview is done and over, you will be notified at a later date as to whether you have been accepted or denied.


What is the entry position for staff and what does it do?

Helper is the first achievable staff rank and is a trial to become a Moderator. Helpers will undergo tests by our Mentors and Review Team to assess their ability as a member of staff. This stage can last up to three months. As Helper, your main goal is to moderate in-game chat and assist users with any questions they may have. This should be done responsibly and in a mature way at all times. All members of the staff represent the staff team, this includes in-game, on the forums, Discord, and any other areas in which you may be of representation.


Additional Information

All of the requirements must be met to be considered to become a staff member. If you do not meet these requirements, your application will be denied. Spamming Helper applications can result in a revoked access from submitting applications. A reply can be expected to your application within two weeks. All of the requirements will be confirmed by an Application Team member. Fake information will result in an automatic deny to your application, and your chances of getting accepted in the future will be gone. Asking someone to read your application will result in an instant deny. You are able to submit an application every 90 days.


Punishment Information

If you have received punishments, you are required to wait some time before applying for staff. Below you can see how long you have to wait in order not to get instantly rejected. The times are counted from the date that the punishment was given.


Inappropriate Skin / Name: 1 Month

Any type of ban: 3 Months

Excessive Chat Offences: 6 Months

Ban / Mute Evading: 1 Year

DDoS / DOX / Rat / Swat Threats: Can not apply


Aplication Tips

➥ Be honest. If you lie in your application, then we will be unable to trust you as a staff member.

➥ Be confident and be as detailed as to why you think you should be part of the staff team.

➥ Use the forums actively. This helps the staff easily see that you interact and help others.

➥ Don't apply just for the tag. Applying just for the staff tag will not end well.

➥ Be active in-game. Our current staff are always on the lookout for good staff candidates.

➥ Don't be shy! If your application is accepted, you are required to join a 'promotion call.'

➥ Show us that you are 'Helper Material.' - actively helping in-game, forums and reporting players.

➥ Provide enough detail in your application! If your application isn't detailed enough, you will be denied.

➥ If your application gets denied for lack of detail, do not use the same application again!

➥ Your actions represent you! Make sure you have a good reputation with the community.

➥ Having staff experience is great! However, it's not the most important part of your application.

➥ Be sure that you're ready. Being a member of staff takes a lot of time and learning.

➥ Don't spam apply! If your application keeps getting rejected then something must be wrong.

➥ If your application is denied, take on the advice given and improve on weak areas.

➥ Don't ask your application to be read! That will result in an instant deny.

➥ Be in good standing with the staff members.


➥ If you don't meet the requirements, wait! All applications that don't meet our requirements are automatically denied!


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