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Staff Application-ThatIsOneMelon
Started by ThatIsOneMelon



10 Mar 2022
Last Seen
27 Jun 2022

Minecraft Username ( i.e. DerVillion )


Discord Tag ( i.e. DerVillion#0420 )


How old are you?




What's your current country and timezone?

UK (england) - GMT

What staff role do you want to apply for?


What languages do you speak?


Do you have a working mic?

Yes however i dont like using it other then for talking to irl friends

Have you ever been banned in the past? ( Forums & In-game ) If yes, why?


How long have you been playing on our Network?

I joined the discord on 25/02/2021 and started playing smp on 04/06/2021 when it first launched

What server do you play on the most on our Network?


Why do you want to become a member of staff?

if im completely honest i mostly want to keep busy and have somthing to do while im allready doing somthing i enjoy (playing video games) this keeps my mind busy and helps stop me from stressing myself out. so while i do want to be staff for a rather selfish reason you can be sure that ill do my damn best job at doing so

What previous experience do you have as staff? If any. Why did you leave?

i was a moderator on the Gissacraft server for a long time until i got tired of how the staff team was being managed and i left. i later joined and admined on cactusscraft and soon after coowned it until the server shut down. then i started moderating here on dercraft after the relaunch of smp

What do you expect to do once you become staff? What roles do you think you would play? What best describes the position you're applying for?

the same as i use to do. log on when i can, help players if they need help, keep an eye on chat at all time, if i see a problem on the discord that noone else has delt with ill deal with it ect ect. i feel as if i dont fit a specific role but instead someone who is able to do most if not all tasks a moderator is needed to do

Do you have the necessary means of capturing evidence? ( i.e. recording software, screenshots, etc )

yes i can both screenshot and record my gamplay

How long can you be active on the server every day?

around 2-3 hours on weekdays and 6-7 on weekends (do beware that these are just estimates and my schedule may change due to school, irl stuff or burnout but i will be sure to notify you of these if they come up)

How would you deal with someone breaking the rules? Exploting or Hacking? You can add examples

i would try and deal with the situation calmly and politely informing the player of what rules they have broken and dealing out a fair punishment and while i will also try to do this with hacking/exploiting because those types of people tend to log off when they are caught i will most likely be temp-banning/banning them after they log off and leaving the explenation of why in the ban reason instead.

a small example of me dealing with someone breaking the rules would be when i infromed Connorthecat550#6227 on the discord when his alt had an offensive user name and profile picture and simply asked him to change it

If you could change one thing about the server, what would it be? (OPTIONAL QUESTION)

the only real thing i would change would be to have a larger player base

Do you have any plugin knowledge? To what extent? User side? Admin side? Dev side? (Try to reference all if any experience you've had)

most of my experiance is user side with plugins like world-edit and moderating tools e.g co-inspect and rollback

Would you like to tell us anything else about yourself?

even if this application does not get accepted i will be sure to continue enjoying dercraft as a player

ThatIsOneMelon · 7 months ago